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Talent Institute of Information Technology (TIIT) started functioning as a voluntary organization in 2012 when computer education was in its infantile stage. There was a lot of exploitation in the field and the computers were only city dwellers.

Computer books were very dear and affordable only to the affluent. The society knew that India can prosper only if the IT education is spread far and wide, and jobless young are initiated in to it.The society encouraged educated jobless youths to start computer centers in as many places as possible, printed and circulated low-cost-study-aid materials, conducted IT shows and exhibitions introducing immense possibilities of information Technology, assisted the state Govt as an empanelled Agency for the IT, started a campus at Banga with all infrastructural facilities to give up-to-date training to the resourse persons in member institutes and grew leap and bound by spreading to various part of Punjab with well equipped member institutes.

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Industrial Training

> Web Designing & Development
> Hardware & Networking
> Mechnical Drawing
   (AutoCAD, Pro/E, Catia)


Mobile Apps

> Android apps
> Apple apps
> Window apps
> Blackberry apps


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